Training & Behaviour

Our brand new Astro Turf arena hosts Varied Training classes and workshops aimed at dog owners of all levels. Our training classes are fun and interactive, there is nothing worse than sitting around all night waiting for your turn. All classes are 50 mins.

On a weekly basis we have the following :-

  • Kennel Club Good Citizen classes from Puppy foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards all being taught at Hydropaws
  • Flyball class. fast and fun dogs love this class retrieving a ball over jumps.
  • Trick class. Get your dog using its brain learning tricks some of which can help you around the house.
  • Kids Activity Class – each week the kids will teach their dogs a different activity. from agility, flyball, tricks, obedience, scent work and more
  • Fitness Class. For dogs over 6 months old. Circuit training guaranteed to tire your dog out mentally and physically. new challenges every week. no time to sit down in this class.
  • Agility – Beginners/ foundation. Dogs to be 12 months and older

Class Schedule

Monday –           6pm Puppy Foundation GCDS Obedience                                                                                          7pm  Bronze Good Citizen Class                                                                                                          8pm  Silver & Gold GCDS

Wednesday –     6pm – Foundation Flyball                                                                                                                       7pm Flyball

Thursday –        6pm Foundation Agility                                                                                                                          7pm Fitness class                                                                                                                                   8pm Agility Foundation Class

Hydropaws has a fully qualified Behaviorist on site who will be available for individual sessions so we can help with issues directly and without the stress of other people watching in classes. These sessions can be used to address many problems including-

  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Nervous behaviours
  • Biting Issues
  • House training
  • Lead walking & recall
  • Resource guarding, toys, food or beds etc

These sessions may take place in our centre or at an alternative location to be agreed.

We also run several workshops throughout the year these include the following

  • Nutrition – do you really know what you are feeding your dog
  • First Aid – RVN Rachel Bean teaches this vital workshop for any dog owner
  • Canine Massage – learn how to massage your own dog safely and effectively
  • Canine Athlete – 2 days for those who have sports dogs or very active pet
  • More to follow

We also have a Flyball team run by Gail Baker who has been competing in flyball for the last 13yrs now, running dogs at all levels including Division 1 and at the British Championships with great success. Our training is safe and fun. Dogs can join us from 12 months old (WARNING – starting agility and flyball ANY younger that 12 months can result in lasting damage  to growth plates and Joints)